G.I. Joe Sneak Peek 3.75 inch Figure 4 pack

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    David McDonald says:


    I am in love with the Amazon 4 packs however as a MOC collector for most of the line I was concerned on if Id actually be able to see the figures. However I feel that Amazon/Hasbro specifically designed the packaging for the collector.

    The outer box has one single tape on the side that can easily be peeled and resealed.

    The inside box put a large smile on my face as it was not sealed at all but more like a shoe box with an easy lid to pop off.

    Then the figures are not in a sealed bag but a folded down bag with a piece of tape that is also easy to real seal.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to view and display my figures and then place them back safely where they belong.

    So far the figures themselves have exceeded my expectations and factoring in the excellent boxing this is definitely worth the money.

    Congratulations Hasbro and Amazon for a superior product for collectors.

    My only complaint is the movie figure stands are not up to the standard to the Modern Era or ROC stands. However if this pack is the only one to include movie stands then its better than nothing.

    Don Dueck says:


    The quality control on this product is abysmal. G.I. Joe collectors forums are full of people complaining about missing or mismatched parts. Hands missing weapons missing holsters missing incorrect limbs etc. The item I bought had two right arms on one of the figures!

    A poor quality product from Hasbro which puts both it and Amazon in a bad light.

    Grid says:


    As far as I can tell the roadblock and SS are no different from the single package figures which I have compared side by side(I own both). Roadblock comes with everything the single fig does. While SS only has his sword and dagger.

    The Snake Eyes figure is very cool. Full Modern Joe articulation from his head down to his feet.He can sort of nod his head but does not look up or down very far. He comes with duel smgs and a sword which he has no sheath for.

    Cobra Commander. One of the coolest versions in my opinion. Comes with 2 like rifles and a pistol that he has a holster for on his left leg.His articulation is just like Roadblock. Rotating wrists and single joint knees with no foot articulation. His overall appearance really brings him up to speed with the rest of his army looking high tech. From what I have seen the single pack CC will be blue in color. While This one is Black.>><<ACTUALLY I JUST PICKED UP A SINGLE CARD CC AND HE WAS ALL BLACK AS WELL. NOT BLUE LIKE IN MOST PICTURES AVAILABLE ONLINE>><<5-29-12

    Exclusive File cards and stands come for all four figures. Both of which are excluded from the single pack figures.

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