Yo Gabba Gabba Exclusive Gabba Grooves Boogie Down Dance Mat

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    Steffan Piper says:


    My 18 month old son absolutely loves this little mat. Its good for about thirty minutes of activity until he completely wears himself out as he does his dancing on it.

    Its a brilliant idea to market these Dance Dane Revolution type dance products for kids to help them keep busy and active instead of just planted in the front room in front of the TV. Truth is though most kids wont stay put anyhow. This just does a really good job at helping them with balance coordination dancing and a lot of laughter.

    It plays six different songs from the show runs on 4 AAs and is a bit loud as another reviewer pointed out. Muffling the speaker is a good idea.

    Heres the layout:

    Brobee: Tap Brobee and the keyboard sounds like drums
    Toodee: Tap Toodee and the keyboard sounds like a trumpet
    Plex: Tap Plex and the keyboard says phrases
    Foofa: Tap Foofa and the keyboard is itself
    Muno: Yap Muno and the keyboard now sounds like a guitar

    There is an on/off switch … but alas … no volume control. The mat could stand to be a bit bigger too.

    Nicely made durable and very cute.

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    Holly E. Mckinney says:


    My 1 year old and yes One year olds can dance she was 11 months actually when we got it as a birthday gift and she LOVES THIS TOY can be annoying when they are randomly stomping on noises but it makes her happy and we enjoy watching her dance on it :) the key pads are about 9 inches tall and maybe 5 wide so i would think most small childrens feet would fit on it We love it and think its worth every penny

    LLEE says:


    We purchased this for our 18 month old daughter. She absolutely loves it. It is a bit loud. We added a piece of tape over the speakers to mute it a bit. It is very funny to watch her make the different tunes come from the mat. I wouldnt call it dancing as it is more for making music and sounds at the touch of your feet. Very fun and a great deal.

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